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Challenge Development

Many companies want to benefit from new technologies in the financial department, but do not have in place the people or processes to manage a challenge. Fintech Galaxy can provide a comprehensive challenge development service to help organizations to prepare effective fin-tech challenges and manage them through to execution. Our services include the following:

·       Fintech strategy development – We work with the client to identify departments and functions that could benefit from integrating new fin-tech solutions, providing rationale and cost-benefit analysis.

·       Challenge development – We work with the client to scope the challenge efficiently and effectively to ensure the solution providers offer the most suitable and appropriate solutions, incorporating software and technical considerations, processes and procedures and compliance

·       Challenge management – We help the client to manage the challenge process through short-listing to final selection Post-challenge development – After the winner is awarded, we help the client to develop the solution with the third party developer, ensuring the final solution is fit for purpose and easily integrated into the client work streams

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