Integrated IoT cross-border payments

Challenge ID

Type of Challenge: Integrated IoT cross-border payments

Launch Date: March 21, 2019

Submission Deadline: April 2, 2019

Startup Applicants
MVP Stage: Yes, preferably, with a successful implementation in the financial services space

Region: Any

Problem Statement:

IoT trend is characterized by greater connectivity due to the integration of sensors & computing capabilities. The modes of interaction with IoT devices for initiating actions is also rapidly changing. 

A solution for undertaking cross-border payment transactions and enabling placement of foreign exchange orders through IoT devices using voice / facial gestures and hand movements / holograms. 

Additional explanation:

For cross-border payments, the steps involved in choosing the currency pair and amount, beneficiary, source of funds, purpose of transfer and mode of receipt can be translated into interactive engagements with IoT devices through the use of emerging technologies outlined above. Integrating payments from the source of funds from within the IoT device would make the end-to-end user experience seamless.

For foreign exchange, the user can choose the currency pairs and amount, view rates, place orders, transfer funds and see the nearest pick-up locations while engaging with the IoT devices.


#IoT, #voice_bots, #facial_gestures, #hand_movements, #holograms, #user_experience, #cross_border_payments, #foreign_exchange  

Reward: USD 5,000 towards a PoC, which may be followed by full-fledged implementation, if found to be scalable and commercially viable.  The PoC shall be judged by a panel of subject matter experts from Finablr and Fintech Galaxy.

Finablr continues to remain focused on its innovation strategy and path-breaking technologies, under which participants may also be considered for strategic investments by the Group.


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