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Money 20/20 - Europe 2020
Jun 16, 2020

16-18 June, 2020

RAI, Amsterdam - Netherlands

Money20/20 is like no other conference. With 6300+ attendees, 350+ heavyweight industry speakers and 60+ hours of world-class content*, its where the biggest minds in money come together to create the future of money.

Money20/20 is three days and nights bursting with a variety of one-of-a-kind networking opportunities, from interactive sessions, huge industry parties and unique lounges to plenty of casual meetups around every industry topic you can think of.

Long story short, here are the eight big questions Money 20/20 are organising their agenda around:

1- Which BLEEDING EDGE will become the LEADING EDGE?

The noise about the next big thing can be deafening, but how do you know what’s really worth paying attention to? What should be on your radar? Where will the next opportunity come from? And how do you find (or become) the next Bezos? No one has a crystal ball, but with a 20/20 lens, read between the lines and make the invisible visible.
2- Where do I PLAY and how DO I WIN?

The lines between industry verticals and product categories are becoming more blurred every day. Everyone is cornered to find their unique proposition – at home or on foreign turf. Master the lay of the land, gather intel on the new opponents you're facing, and move from defending your position to going on the attack.
3- How do I BUILD A boringly sustainable BUSINESS MODEL?
Growth-by-any-means-necessary is yesterday’s news. Today, sustainability and profitability are sexy. Build, buy or partner, there is no one size fits all; but regardless of the route you choose, combining the right tech, partners and model will be key to finding new sources of value and unlocking new revenue pools.
4- How can INFRASTRUCTURE becpme my unfair ADVANTAGE?
Operational excellence is your unsung hero. While the competition is busy tinkering with blockchains and chatbots, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with the things that matter – workflow efficiency, streamlined processes, and a resilient tech stack.
5- What does SUCCESS at scale LOOK LIKE?
Everyone wants growth. But growing comes with pains whatever size you are, and the tools you’ll need when you start your journey aren’t necessarily the same ones that will work for the next steps. Find the talent, governance and partners that are the right fit for where you are and where you need to go.
It’s hard to be regulated. It’s equally hard to regulate. A truly progressive and responsive environment takes patience and perseverance, on both sides. Take inspiration from best practice examples of regulation deployment from around the world and reach mutually beneficial outcomes.
7- Why can't we get TRUST RIGHT?
You might trust your parents to teach you the value of money but might not want them to manage it for you. Trust and identity involve multiple levels and myriad use cases. Can there be a global consensus on who should own the identity layer or what the standards should look like? Who will solve these challenges, balancing privacy, security, consent and convenience?
8- MACROECONOMICS STORMS - Will I need an Umbrella? A Raincoat? Or a Boat?
Trade wars, populist politics, Brexit, economic cycles... In a changing, unpredictable and hyperconnected world, global conditions have strong regional impact. But stormy weather can bring wind for your sails. Get to grips with the dynamics of the market and find opportunity in uncertainty.