innovation challenges

Opening: Feb 06,2018
Closing: Apr 03,2018
by Fintech Galaxy

AIM Startup Fintech Challenge to identify game-changing financial innovations

Fintech Galaxy and AIM Startup, an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Economy, are seeking mature and early stage startups with game-changing innovations for the region’s financial services industry. The innovation accelerator is cal...
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Fintech Congress
Nov 28, 2018
The Logic Behind Fintech Congress We started Fintech Congress because the industry needed a space where the smartest, most outrageously inventive and ambitious people could connect and create. It needs it s...
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Saudi Fintech Forum
Nov 26, 2018
OVERVIEW Today, it is no longer sufficient to be a consumer of digital. To boost the myriad economic and social gains at the digital frontier, Bank and Financial Service Institutes (BFSI) must a...
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LendIt Fintech Europe 2018
Nov 19, 2018
LendIt Fintech Europe is the continent’s leading event for Innovation in Financial Services. This year's event will attract 1,200+ fintech, banks and investors from Europe’s most influential comp...
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