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20 World-Changing MENA Fintechs to Watch

Aug 31, 2019
When it comes to pushing the boundaries of digital tech, the MENA region boasts some pretty advanced Blockchain and AI solutions.; Saudi Arabia’s ArabianChain is sprinting ahead with deals with big blue tech firms. And, its Islamic finance capital markets platform Wethaq is shaping the future of digital Shari’ah investment. We’ve also been wowed by fintech companies in Jordan and Lebanon and have included several here that are either doing exceptionally well or are at early stage with unusual ideas. And, when it comes to unusual ideas, we felt that Morocco and Dubai-based Instaval deserved to be included in this list – check it out below! This top 20 is not a who’s who of the biggest or most profitable – even though they are part of an ecosystem worth in excess of $100 million in funding in the past five years. It’s a list of firms we feel are pushing the envelope, adapting existing technologies and thinking laterally to build solutions that have a financial and social context. These may or may not all turn out to be VC dragons – but they all deserve a look-in...And they are our recommendation list for whoever wants to partner with Fintechs in the MENA region. Here’s the list in alphabetic order.